Seamlessly Decentralized Blockchain Network

XCHAIN, a cutting-edge blockchain, promises unmatched performance and speed thanks to its 8-layer structure, low energy use, and low fees. It supports Sidechain and Rollup tech, designed by dedicated programmers for high adaptability.


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The beginning of x

xchain white list

Application form to be included in the white list of the xchain network


The registration period for the white list has ended and will not be renewed. Thanks XCHAIN Team

If you are in the white list, you can easily transfer your INTDs to the new network through the bridges that will be installed. Note that you will only be allowed to transfer the amount you registered.

Hard Fork

A historic fork will soon occur in a different blockchain

An imminent historic bifurcation awaits within an alternate blockchain, known as XCHAIN. This pivotal moment signifies a crucial juncture, poised to redefine its trajectory and potentially alter its foundational architecture.

First word

Before entering infinity

The initial launch of the XCHAIN L1.1, XCHAIN L1.2, XCHAIN L2.0 platforms, also known as XCHAIN, is the primary focus of this document, presenting a comprehensive outline of its structure.
XCHAIN Presentation

What is a XNetwork

XCHAIN is a revolutionary blockchain technology designed to offer limitless performance, fast speeds, and seamless connectivity.

Why Choose XCHAIN Infinity

QuantumSync Consensus Algorithm

XCHAIN is built on a proprietary 'QuantumSync' consensus algorithm, which is at the core of its design, ensuring minimized latency and maximized transaction throughput.

Multi-Layered Parallel Processing Architecture

XCHAIN features a multi-layered parallel processing architecture that is meticulously designed to optimize trading activities, enhancing speed and scalability.

State of the Art Order Matching Engine

XCHAIN incorporates an advanced order matching engine that uses frequent batch auctions to ensure equitable pricing and reduce the potential for frontrunning.

Integrated Real-Time Price Oracles

XCHAIN has built-in price oracles that provide real-time asset pricing. Validators are required to participate as oracles, ensuring accurate and up-to-date market data.

Dynamic Transaction Dissemination

Instead of sending full transaction data, block proposers send a lightweight proposal containing unique transaction IDs, reducing data transfer and speeding up the consensus process.

Proactive Block Processing

XCHAIN introduces Proactive Block Processing, allowing validators to initiate transaction validation as soon as they receive the first block proposal, reducing latency and improving throughput.


With the start of the X blockchain network, the project starts moving towards the path that has been set.
INTDESTCOIN (INTD) Is A Revolutionary Digital Ecosystem That Transcends Geographical Boundaries And Allows For The Validation Of Any Digital Content.
A launcher with a very technical background

XCHAIN is launching to its space station.


Maximum transaction time 0.2 seconds

knowledge center
We invite you to read the white paper of the project
Project's Support


The project team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems. If you have any problem, message us without delay.

We support you!

As the INTDESTCOIN project embarks on the pivotal transition of INTD tokens to the XCHAIN network, we understand that our community may have questions or need assistance navigating this change. To ensure a smooth migration process and to address any concerns you may have, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you. Whether you need guidance on the white-listing process, have questions about the technical aspects of the token transfer, or require clarification on any part of this significant project milestone, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to all our users, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and confident about the benefits and procedures associated with this strategic network fork.